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Thank you:
:bulletblue: For the llamas
:bulletblue: The favourites
:bulletblue: The comments
:bulletblue: The replies
:bulletblue: The watches

I really appreciate it :heart:

:bulletgreen:Rumour has it that I am a Macro photography CV....
Daily Deviation Guidelines: Macro PhotographyHello, it's me (shout out to JenFruzz), I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to read my Daily Deviation Guidelines.

How to suggest a Daily Deviation?
Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?Send me a note Note with the title: "DD Suggestion", or "DD S".
Include in this note the thumbnail of the deviation that you are suggesting (in the bottom right of the deviation: thumb#######). I accept that you include several Daily Deviations Suggestions in one note, as long as it is organized.
You can, subsidiarily, include in your note the reason(s) why you think that the artist(s) deserve(s) a Daily Deviation (preferred, but not required).
I can't give a Daily Deviation to a person who
aaaaaand So you sent a Daily Deviation suggestionCommunity Week
It is time to talk about Daily Deviation (commonly called "DD") suggestions! In this article, we will skip the parts where we explain what a DD is or how to suggest them and so on since there are already various articles and journals about that. We will focus more on what happens after you suggest them. :D
What happens next?
Or, there are two possibilities: either your DD is accepted (if so, congratulations to the suggested artist and to you, the suggester!); or it isn't.
How do I know if my DD Suggestion is accepted?
Either you know it in advance because the CV you sent your DD Suggestion note to told you, or you receive this kind notification in your message center:

So then you can jump around and be happy for the artist :dummy:
How do I know if my DD Suggestion is not accepted?
Well... sometimes, you don't. Some of us CVs don't rep

:bulletorange:Macro photography articles: The Macro Photography Pandora's BoxCommunity Week
In this article, you will find all kinds of articles about Macro photography both from DA, and other websites.
I had the honor to work with some amazing people for this article. So a HUGE thank you to these contributors! These people are: VBmonkey26, dack99, relhom, Lothringen, MarcosRodriguez, endprocess83, Azph, class-pessimist, LiaCam, OliviaMichalski, lindahabiba, Kisarisary & DragonflyAndromeda!  

Macro photography in general 
:bulletorange: General reading :bulletorange:

Macro Droplets
Getting started with Macro
20 top camera accessories for macro photography
Why I love macro photographyIn case you haven’t noticed it yet, I may have an interest in macrophotography :paranoid:
First of all, here is a definition, by MarcosRodriguez of macro photography: "A Macro photograph shows a subject that is life size compared to the size of the negative of a SLR or sensor in a Full Frame DSLR, that's a 1:1 reproduction ratio aspect. […] Often a ratio aspect of 1:2 is also considered Macro, although that ratio shows subjects which life size is half of the size compared to the negative or sensor, I prefer to call those pictures Close-up photographies." (quote from here)
But why do I love it so much? In order to answer that question, I asked for the help of some other macro lovers:

Because it makes you discover a wh
All things Macro with MarcosRodriguez? Ok!This journal is the continuum of the one called "Why I love macrophotography"

How can I talk about all things macro without interviewing the current (awesome and talented) Macro Photography CV,MarcosRodriguez? Take a look. :eager:

Could you first briefly introduce yourself ?
My name is Marcos (I think that is quite clear Giggle), I come from Spain and I'm 37 years old. I've been in dA for 8 years now and currently I am the Community Volunteer for the Macro Photography Gallery.

 What do you like so much about macrophotography ?
I like the amount of details you
Insect photographyToday in MacroPoetry we are interviewing a couple of insect photographers.
Can you briefly introduce yourself? 
snomanda: Yo, I'm Snowy I'm a pipe fitter, college lecturer, fine artist and macro photographer. 
My name is Ryan and I'm 32 years old. I've been doing various types of macro photography for close to six years. Most of my work has been abstract or water drop type photography, but over the past year or so I have started doing insect macro photography.
petrwolf: My name is Petr Wolf, I am 28 years old and I am from the Czech Republic.
class-pessimist: Hello, my name is Justin and I am a Software Engineer by trade.

What led you to insect photo
If I could DD - Macro features In case you didn't know, there was a Community Feature Project going on lately, where we encouraged you to feature your favourites art pieces if you could DD them. 
This project has come to an end, but I wanted to thank everyone who took part of it for the macro community!
Here are the lovely features that have been done for macro photography for this project:
Thank you for your participation and for your support to other artists!
Water Collision photographyToday at MacroPoetry, we are interviewing AlexGornikiewicz, endprocess83, mib4art & relhom to talk about water collision photography!

Can you briefly introduce yourself?
AlexGornikiewiczGreetings Deviants! May the light be with you! My name is Alex. I live in Vienna, Austria, which is located in Europe and does not exhibit Kangaroos…..except for the zoo (very often people mix it up with Australia). Besides photography I´m crazy about scuba diving. I like running, I love Greece, literature and learning foreign languages.
endprocess83Hello! My name is Ryan and I've been doing various forms of macro photography for about 6 years. The majority of my macro work consists of water drop related things, from single drops to elaborate collisions



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